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Crit Sandwich is where 4 friends play 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons with randomly rolled settings and plots. We use adult language, inconsistent character voices, edit lightly for brevity (and to make us look super fast at math). And, of course, we will screw up the rules.

Jan 12, 2021

The gang arrives for the Sunday potluck in the church basement.

On Crit Sandwich, 4 friends play 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaigns loosely based on our favorite movies, tv shows and video games. We use adult language, have inconsistent character voices, and often screw up the rules.

Campaign 9 Cast:
Casey Sears as Thomas/Hogan
Chuck Ventus as William/Tolkien
Robbie Ponder as DM
Matt Popich as Lila/Gunny


Edited by Robbie & Casey.

Enjoy Crit Sandwich: the world's tastiest DnD podcast.

This is a work of parody and fan art.